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Cofa has been a real estate licensee since 1993 and is currently licensed in the Associate Broker level both as an individual and as a personal corporation [1]. He is qualified to provide both trading and rental property management services in the province of British Columbia, although he has focused his business practice within the Metro Vancouver area only [2].

Cofa has a strong sense of responsibility and discipline. That means he'll ensure every advice he provides, and every step he makes, is for the best interest of his principal (buyers or sellers in real estate transactions). Honesty, truth and without exaggeration - his RealtyVIP services are based strictly on these values. You will feel these characteristics of him once you two are connected.

Cofa is skillful and good at researching information and organizing data for presentation purposes. This will ensure every property listed with him will have sufficient information presented to potential buyers to trigger their interest in pursuing further. He has extensive experience in the buying, selling and marketing of single family homes, strata properties (apartment and townhouse units), commercial units or whole buildings (retail, office and other types). He also has the experience and the know-how in helping investors and developers in the entire process of land assembly, development and marketing of small to medium sized real estate projects.

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RealtyVIP is a working relationship with trust and mutual respect among the parties involved. It is ideal for people who are serious in a working relationship that is driven by confidence, quality and integrity within the group. You can be my VIP client if you share the same belief; or if you want to work out your next real estate plan under the same environment. Call me today, and let's build a valuable and lasting RealtyVIP relationship!

1. Licensing level and type explained: Associate and Managing Broker | Personal Real Estate Corporation
2. Introduction to Metro Vancouver [LINK]


徐先生从1993年开始执业地产代理. 目前他拥有进阶的经理代理人牌照 (包括个人执业牌照和个人有限公司执业牌照) [1]. 他的执业资格包括可以在加拿大卑诗省提供地产买卖和出租物业管理等服务. 目前他选择执业的地理范围则以大温哥华地区为主 [2].

徐先生有很强的责任感和纪律意识. 这就意味着他向客户提供的每一项意见, 或为客户所做的每一步骤, 都是以他的委托人的最佳利益为依归 (委托人是指在房地产交易中的买方客户或卖方客户). 诚实, 真确和不带浮夸 - 他的地产贵宾服务就是严格地建基于这些价值上面. 当你和他有了联系之后, 你会很快感觉到他的这些特点.

徐先生擅长于为待售项目作信息搜集和资料处理. 这将确保经他签署代售的每一地产或生意项目都有充足的资料向查询的人提供, 並可触发准买家对有意购买的项目作进一步的洽谈. 徐先生对地产项目的买卖和市场推广拥有丰富经验. 这些地产项目包括单户住宅, 共管物业单位(包括公寓和排屋单位), 商业单位或整幢楼宇(零售店铺, 办公室单位或其它楼宇类别). 他对协助投资者和地产开发商在土地征集, 开发和成品楼房的销售等全部过程都拥有丰富的经验和技能. 如果你有计划在大温哥华地区开发中小型房地产项目, 敬请和徐先生联系.


地产贵宾服务是一项在各关系人之间充满信任和相互尊重的工作关系. 有些人对由信任, 优良素质和诚信为驱动基础的工作关系特别坚持,地产贵宾服务对这些人最为理想. 如果你有同样的信念, 或者如果你想在同样的工作环境下计划你的下一个房地产发展项目, 我诚意邀请你成为我的服务贵宾. 请今天就和我联系, 让我们构建一个有价值的和持久的地产贵宾工作关系.

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1. 关于地产执业牌照的等级和类别: 经理代理人牌照(非官式译名) | 个人有限公司执业牌照
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