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Rental Management 租务管理

(Chinese version follows. 下面另有中文版.)

Rental Property Management Services

I have extensive experience in rental property management services, and have been focusing on providing services in relation to strata properties only (apartment or townhouse units). If you want to turn a strata property you own into a rental unit or if you simply want to learn more about my rental property management services, please feel free to contact me.

For your information, I do not require that security deposit and pet damage deposit be kept in our brokerage's trust account - This means you as the landlord will have these monies kept in your own hands from day one of the tenancy and can make the best use of the monies throughout the term of the tenancy (instead of it being kept in the brokerage’s trust account for nothing).

If you are looking for rental property management services, please contact me today for further discussion - phone call, text, or email are all welcome.



我的其中一项服务特色,就是不会要求将租客的保证金和宠物损坏按金存入我们经纪公司的信托账户 - 这意味着你作为房东将可以由租约的第一天起就可以将这些钱掌握在自己手中,并可在整个租约期间充分利用这笔款项(而不是必须把按金放在经纪公司的信托账户中,白白浪费了这笔资金的用途)。

如果你正在寻找出租物业管理服务,请今天就和我联络作进一步讨论 - 电话、短信或电子邮件都无任欢迎。